Integrated Engineering Services

Our Fixed Network Engineering specialists have extensive experience in testing and integrating fixed network elements for technologies including, GSM, CDMA, 3G, WiMAX and LTE. Our services provide operators the assurance of connectivity between switching infrastructure and the cell sites – whether using microwave or fiber connected SDH and/or PDH transmission equipment.

Fixed Network Engineering typically involves the interconnection of multiple products, often in a multi-vendor environment. SWI is focused on ensuring service delivery and validating the integrity and interaction among the various hardware and software elements, and communication links. SWI’s Fixed Network Engineering services include:

  • Fixed Network Planning and Dimensioning
  • Fixed Network Engineering Project Management
  • Efficient and cost effective integration support
  • Successful execution of the cut over plan support
  • Verify the interoperability of all Network components supplied by various vendors
  • Ensure that the Network is ready for traffic by verifying the switching paths of the Network
  • Verify Network interoperability with other service providers
  • Verify that the Network is ready for service
  • Develop and deliver a customized knowledge transfer program
  • Assess and validate Network Operations Centre Readiness


SWI assists service providers or equipment vendors by identifying key operations requirements and developing a high level design to implement the most reliable, flexible and cost effective means of seamlessly integrating various network elements.