Smart Grid

SWI has a deep understanding of the complex requirements and multi-layer networks modern Utilities require to manage a mobile workforce and deliver clean, quality and efficient to power to industry and consumers.  Moreover, delivering reliable power must be accomplished with resilient and secure communication networks capable of contending with increasingly sophisticated and complex threats while integrating diverse renewable and distributed power sources.

Common Requirements

  • Grid Virtualization
    • Secure SCADA / DCS / Telemetry
    • Substation Automation (Last Mile)
    • Distribution Automation
    • AMI/AMR
  • Demand Response / Management
  • Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Physical Security and Access Management
  • Workforce Empowerment & Mobility
    • VOIP / Internet
    • TMR / AVL / GIS

Solution Elements

  • Updated network infrastructure to support applications, reliability requirements, and centralized network management
  • Integrated IP communications, NOC, and VPNs
  • Environmentally hardened routers at the substations and other distribution utility assets (including outdoor placement)
  • Provide highly reliable (mission-critical) end-to-end communications and support for multiple Smart Grid applications
  • Cost-effective private, wireless, last-mile IP networks, WAN, and network operation center (NOC) connectivity
  • Deploy network components that are scalable, resilient, and secure


  • Proven ability to deliver multiple applications for economies of scale
  • Minimized hour-long service calls in harsh conditions

• Improved operational efficiencies by simplifying the network