IoT Ecosystem Development

In order to support evaluation of IoT/M2M technologies, SWI offers some areas of potential investigation including:

Realistic Communication Requirements

A key step in selecting the right wireless communications solution is to define a realistic set of requirements for the targeted business use cases. To start, these should include:

  • Planned reliability over operating life
  • Interoperability with proposed devices and legacy systems
  • Expected coverage range
  • Data rate
  • Security capabilities
  • Suitability for planned operating environment
  • Network management and monitoring features


In addition, the technology must be reviewed in the context of the total available and serviceable market for the targeted applications.  Publicly available references are a strong starting point, but may not be comprehensive for all markets.

For communications technologies a critical indicator in market potential is the partner ecosystem and the subscriber devices into which the technology has been/will be integrated.  Furthermore, market potential is intertwined with the combined market share of all device partners in a market.