O&M Services

Our extensive resource network provides Operations & Maintenance (‘O&M’) solutions ranging from network inspection to vendor management. Well maintained networks incur less corrective maintenance and operate reliably.

SWI manages network maintenance services for many operators and in doing so we can leverage our accumulated experience and economies of scale, and extend the savings and best practices to our customers.

SWI’s O&M activities include:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Network Operations
  • O&M Baseline & Risk Assessment

SWI performs in-depth network audits to establish an O&M baseline which highlights network risks and helps our team to define a recommended maintenance program and activities.

Following the baseline, preventive maintenance routines ensure that networks continue to operate normally. Operationally, monitored activities include network surveillance, helpdesk, support, performance management, dispatch, OSS support, application management and network configuration management. SWI’s broad geographic reach, strong local presence, centralized management and multi-technology experience deliver resources and capabilities that effectively manage and control costs including reduced OPEX.

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

SWI’s O&M services include preventative and correction maintenance. Preventative maintenance ensures networks function under normal conditions. SWI preventative maintenance routine includes:

  • Scheduled structural checks
  • Functional tests
  • Software and hardware checks
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual checks
  • Data/call testing
  • Inventory audits
  • Battery checks
  • Microwave
  • Property maintenance
  • Power supply
  • Grounding and antenna tests

Corrective Maintenance offers a support function for isolated problems. Corrective maintenance includes alerts, triage, disaster recovery services, and any failures tri-aged within a reasonable time frame. SWI can provides corrective maintenance in a primary or back-up role to your team.

Network Operations

Establishing a dedicated Network Operations Center to provide situational awareness and manage network maintenance can be costly and inefficient. SWI centralized resources run maintenance and performance programs for several operators globally, assuring the best performance at the lowest possible cost on network operations such as network surveillance, help desk, support, performance management, dispatch, OSS support, application management and network configuration management

Network Management

A programmatic approach to Network management reduces risk and SWI leverages our operational experience with operators to mitigate the extra costs incurred by unplanned events, and to reduce the overall operational cost. Operators working with SWI on network management see great cost savings and business efficiencies, delivering immediate and significant cost reductions during the initial two-year term, and increased long-term savings beyond. More importantly, network elements achieve increased availability, and operators realize significant reductions in service orders per network element.

SWI’s capabilities include managing all vendors involved in the network maintenance, enabling operators to have a centralized and single point of contact. SWI not only provides transparency via customer dashboards and the highest SLA-backed quality but we do so with timely delivery.  Network management services include core network performance, RAN optimization, QoS and O&M Outsourcing.

Outside Plant Maintenance

SWI’s 24/7 service organization provides a complete service maintenance portfolio for outside plant networks including:

Preventive Maintenance

  • Span and route inspections and inspection of manhole covers
  • OTDR, Power Loss, PMD and chromatic Dispersion measurements
  • Documentation and preventive maintenance Corrective maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance activities on site infrastructure facilities including:
  • telecom equipment, climate control, Fire system, Gas detect, UPS
  • Repair and restoration or reported faults to the outside plant network including:
  • civil work, duct/manhole installation, cable