Construction Project Management

We specialize in developing wireless communications networks. SWI offers a complete range of engineering and project management resources supporting site acquisition through tower construction process. Our business services team delivers staff augmentation solutions tailored to meet the needs of your demanding network deployment schedule.

Our engineers design new network buildouts, expansion and upgrades of existing systems including DAS nodes, towers and rooftops. Using the latest technology, our professional staff can quickly identify, evaluate and design viable base station candidates.

We understand and engineer to comply with the constraints and requirements of the local governments and the strict zoning and planning laws that now affect cell tower locations. It is our goal to help clients reach their deployment goals with proper vision, planning and implementation.

SWIs service and staff augmentation capabilities support the zoning process including:

  • Pre-Zoning, Site Development
  • Site Pre-Qualification, Zoning Analysis
  • FAA/FCC Filing
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Zoning Drawings, Renderings, Zoning Presentation
  • Building Permits (BP) & Electrical Permit (EP)
  • NEPA, SHPO, Phase I Environmental Assessment
  • Site Survey, 2-C Letter
  • Deliver local experts as may be required for testimony at public hearings

• Present at public hearings and/or community meetings