TRA Services

SWI is committed to delivering the professional services to the telecommunications community including regulatory agencies (TRA). Throughout or history, SWI has engaged and supported with efforts that align with the needs of regulators including;

KPI Monitoring

Regular audit and network benchmarking helps TRA to gain an independent view on the service providers’ delivered QoS.

  • KPI Audit & Nation-wide Network Benchmarking
  • Field Tests & Survey Reports
  • QoS field tests

Telecom & Broadband Service Enablement in Rural and Underserved Area

With numerous customer SWI has successfully delivered projects refarming spectrum and utilizing the opportunity to provide improved service coverage in remote and rural areas.

Public Wi-Fi Deployment & Management

Spectrum Migration and Re-farming

SWI helped numerous clients refarm and migrate/overlay technology in bands including 800, 900, 1900 and 2500 MHz