Expert Witness & Litigation Support

SWI offers expert witness testimony, consulting, and analysis on cellular, mobile, IoT and wireless technologies, networks, spectrum, standards, products and services. Our work in mobile, fake tag heuer cellular and wireless communications began in 2004. This work has included consulting projects, expert witness engagements, patent evaluation, research reports, and training.

Through our work and expansive network of expert advisors SWI developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding mobile, IoT, cellular and wireless communications. This includes:

  • Zoning support
  • 3G Networks & Technologies
  • 4G Networks & Technologies
  • CDMA Technologies & Standards
  • Cell Phone Technologies
  • Cellular Systems & Standards
  • LTE Technologies & Standards
  • Messaging for Cellular & Mobile
  • Mobile Networks & Technologies
  • Radio Spectrum Technologies & Regulations
  • Smart Phone Technologies & Services
  • IoT Technologies & Applications
  • UMTS Networks & Standards
  • Wireless Systems & Services

Previous Expert Witness Engagements have addressed;

  • Technology, standards, network and product analysis
  • technical, functional, & market/industry and competitive analyses
  • Service analysis
  • technical, functional, defect, market/industry and competitive analuses
  • Service quality, defects, repair and warranty issues
  • Market research and analysis of products and technologies in connection with issues of damages, business and industry practices
  • Patent analysis & research
  • Business management, practices & operations
  • Business case evaluation
  • Product specifications
  • Cell site & tower zoning support

Our Expert Witness and Litigation Support services include;

  • Expert testimony, reports and depositions
  • Testifying with exhibits and preparation of the attorney’s material, questions and cross examination
  • Presenting on underlying technologies, systems, processes, methods and their accuracies and limitations
  • Industry, business and technology tutoring and counseling for attorneys and courts
  • Reviewing opposing expert reports, testimony and depositions
  • Evaluation of pre-trial discovery
  • Preparatory questions in technical matters
  • Discovery investigation and consulting for interrogatories, depositions and trial