Regulatory Compliance Services

SWI’s Regulatory Compliance Services offers a range of compliance administrative and consultative services to ensure you never miss a reporting deadline, know precisely what you are filing and why, and what the consequences of not filing would entail. Our service is divided into two components:

  • Managed Administration

Our experienced consultants will manage your routine report filing and fee payment obligations, so that you can rid yourself of the time-consuming paperwork burden and focus on growing your core business.

  • Consulting Services

If your reporting needs require more specialized attention, or you have questions that go beyond the administration of compliance reporting, our knowledgeable consultants will be there to help you stay on track and well-informed. We keep up with the barrage of ever-changing regulatory reporting requirements affecting our clients so you don’t have to.


In today’s uncertain regulatory environment, being compliant often requires more than ensuring accurate, on-time filing of regulatory reports. Policymakers and regulatory agencies have struggled to keep pace with the seismic advances in communications technologies, which makes safely navigating in these uncertain times a difficult endeavor. As a result, specialized assistance is occasionally required.


Risk Management

Because of rapidly evolving technologies and the inability of policymakers to keep pace, the communications industry has become a minefield of uncertainty and risk. When our consultants identify red flags and potential issues, we have affiliated attorneys that know you and your business, and can seamlessly provide risk-reduction guidance that will enable you to avert disaster and the unwanted attention of regulatory enforcement agencies.