Wifi Design and Optimization

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN or Wi-Fi) are rapidly evolving from convenience to necessity for business operations. Optimized Wi-Fi means your employees and guests can access data and applications they need – from any authorized device, stay more productive, and increase value to your organization and customers. We also understand that network security is mission critical. SWI will work with you to ensure that the move to wireless is completed with security as key focus.

Increasing wireless technology adoption drives greater challenges from higher device counts competing for bandwidth, data transmission and downloads. This exponentially increases stress on your network – and the trend of ‘cutting-the-cord’ to go mobile is projected to grow rapidly. If you’re planning a new wireless network or enhancing and troubleshooting an existing one, turn to SWI.

SWI provides design and optimization solutions – we have the tools and certified engineering personnel that can architect and deploy highly available, self-healing and optimized Wi-Fi networks.

Key Features

  • Industry leading Wi-Fi site survey, and design tools, to plan evaluate and maintain WLANs
  • Predictive survey services for new Wi-Fi installations
  • Active site surveys to evaluate existing WLAN networks in one site visit
  • Advanced troubleshooting tools with real-time network performance metrics
  • Performed by certified engineers, who have the knowledge and experience to provide the best infrastructure recommendations


  • Documented coverage and capacity requirements before installing the network
  • Detailed architectural limitations or RF interference
  • Comprehensive capacity analysis
  • Simulated network workloads based on device types and applications
  • Comprehensive reporting and capacity visualization graphics