Transport & Core Network Engineering Services

SWI is always helping its clients today by engineering the best-in-class network of tomorrow. As 4G matures and 5G continues to emerge, demands for backhaul continue.  At SWI, our team of engineers are ready to design backhaul solutions for current and future needs. Our experts deliver a broad range of transport and core services including:

  • Transport Design – Traffic analysis, least cost routing, competitive fiber study, alternative technology analysis and database maintenance
  • Microwave Design – Preliminary analysis, site and path surveys, final path engineering/link design and frequency selection/FCC licensing
  • Temporary Microwave Links – Where delivery of fiber or leased line services may delay roll-outs of new sites or network expansions. SWI’s team will engineer temporary microwave solution that can be deployed temporarily enabling sites to be integrated in advance of fiber or leased line circuit delivery
  • Key solution elements – Small footprint; license-free spectrum operation in the 5.8GHz band; >= 50 Mbps full-duplex net throughput
  • Circuit Provisioning – A significant portion of backhaul solutions are leased-line facilities, and as networks continue to grow, Circuit Provisioning continues to require resources for mobile network operators. SWI offers circuit provisioning support to fit our client’s needs whether targeted, project based or market overlay in scale
  • Outside Plant – Outside Plant (OSP) Network Design and Make Ready Engineering (MRE) has been expanded to a new horizon to be able to provide FTTx services (including FTTC-fiber to the cell, FTTB fiber to the building, FTTH fiber to the home, etc). SWI understands the variety of needs and provide customizable methods with respect to: business models (budgets etc.); Project and Construction management; local legal conditions (e.g. right of way, permits etc.); local geographical conditions; type of construction (trenching, aerial spans); equipment selection
  • Core Network Services – LTE Networks utilize IP centric architectures and platforms. SWI offers broad support for IP operations and management, as well as legacy network migrations to IP infrastructure, covering all of the following technology areas: Evolved Packet Core; WAN Networking; Next Generation Switching; IMS; WiMAX
  • Network Optimization Services – Carriers rapidly expanded their networks responding to customer demand and service growth which may lead to sub-optimal transport design practices. SWI offers market or regional analyses to help operators identify, measure and build business case opportunities for network optimization. This service includes: Least cost routing analysis; Dark fiber study; Alternative technology analysis
  • Network Inventory and Audit Services – SWI helps operators to ensure accurate inventories of network assets