RF Network Performance & Optimization

SWI’s network performance solutions focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of wireless networks. By leveraging more than 8 years of global wireless experience analyzing every type of network possible, SWI provides industry best practices and offers unshakeable expertise, independent tools, and tailor-made measurements and reporting.

Networks must operate at full efficiency to deliver highest level of service at the lowest cost possible with minimal amount of maintenance in order to maximize the return on OPEX. To achieve this goal, SWI reviews customer requirements to define measurable objectives in terms of quality, capacity, cost, sharing risks and rewards. Services include network audits, QoS analysis, benchmarking, legacy network thinning, transport network optimization, radio network optimization, and application and handset testing.

We help operators evolve from a reactive to a proactive approach, anticipating problems before they happen, thereby reducing cost and improving quality. SWI services go beyond technology evaluation and selection and also help wireless operators move quickly into network optimization, performance monitoring and vendor management. Our Services include:

  • Call quality analysis using switch statistics, and drive test data to determine the exact causes of low resource utilization, dropped calls, bad C/I, pilot pollution, high BER/FER, and hand off failures
  • Network parameter optimization
  • Network sites and parameter audits
  • Frequency planning / PN offset planning
  • Investigate, and resolve customer complaints, through network optimization
  • Using switch and drive test data to recommend antenna change, EIRP, orientation, down tilt, antenna height changes to improve the network quality, and capacity
  • In-building systems performance monitoring and optimization