RF Field Studies & Testing

SWI performs RF, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3), and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and measurement services in the field. Our field testing and measurement engineers are experienced in performing measurements of wireless telecom and industrial automation systems to quantify RF emissions, assess compatibility of wireless systems and identify interference sources so that interference mitigation can be realized. Our personnel work with our extensive databases and analytical software tools to provide most effective solutions. SWI engineers are adept at measuring, characterizing, and monitoring the Electromagnetic Environment (EME).


  • Field testing and RF measurements to analyze system or product performance
  • EMI/EMC test site planning and network development to automate field testing
  • RF interoperability and compatibility testing between spectrum dependent equipment
  • EMC testing of communication electronics systems
  • RFI measurements and troubleshooting
  • Radiation hazard measurements
  • Data Collection and monitoring of background electromagnetic signal environments
  • Field measurements related to spectrum allocation/frequency assignment matters

Maintaining EMF compliance is a mandatory activity for many wireless networks – whether during initial site build, as additional capacity or when new technologies are deployed. SWI supports the full EMF compliance life-cycle with site deployment and ongoing site management capabilities including:

  • EMF safety reports for zoning
  • Mandatory EMF reports for new sites
  • Periodic or ad hoc compliance reporting
  • Rooftop compliance assessment and field audits
  • Developing, assessing and verifying mitigation for sites found out of compliance