Insatiable consumer/enterprise demand for data capacity and speed is driving fiber network expansion in urban and rural regions. Whether constructing new aerial or underground fiber, modification of existing fiber, or documenting constructed fiber, SWI provides superior telecom and fiber utility services to support these projects.

SWI provides turnkey telecom design solutions to accommodate fiber or carrier companies executing build outs and upgrades. SWI’s expansive resource capabilities provide wired engineering services for fiber backbones, laterals, and last-mile design to educational institutions, small and large enterprises, tower owners and central offices. Supporting the integration of wireless facilities into traditional wired networks is also one of the many telecom and fiber utility services supported by SWI.

Telecom and Fiber Utility Services:

  • Planning and Design Services
  • Permitting and Make Ready Engineering Design
  • Preliminary Route Development
  • Butterfly Audits/Drawings and Pole Audit
  • Survey-grade GPS data collection
  • ISP and OSP Engineering Design
  • Fiber Node Cabinet Placement
  • FTTx (Premises, Home, Building, Site, Tower) and Easement Acquisition
  • ArcGIS® or Google Earth® OSP Mapping of Existing Plant