SWI works closely with each client as a valued partner and tailors our services to meet and exceed their unique requirements. Our engineering professionals deliver high quality, leading edge services and solutions to help our customers achieve superior levels of service. SWI’s extensive pool of over 60,000 professionals provide a full range of qualified, experienced and conscientious engineering capabilities in support of current and emerging voice and data wireless technologies including 3G, 4G/LTE, VoLTE, HD Voice, and IoT.

Voice Benchmarking Solutions

SWI’s Voice Benchmarking services have been successfully delivered to operators globally to:

  • evaluate competitive performance against the operators’ competition
  • validate performance before and after infrastructure upgrades, capacity adds and frequency changes
  • Evaluate competitive positioning
  • Measure SLA performance

SWI customers include enterprise customers, mobile network operators and infrastructure vendors to test network performance and new technology roll-outs. SWI is a global leader experienced with capacity to provide a customized service to meet your benchmarking needs.


Data Benchmarking Solutions

SWI’s Data Benchmarking solutions enables operators to:

  • evaluate performance among competitors, markets and technologies
  • evaluate performance trends and history
  • evaluate competitive and Quality of Service opportunities for improvement
  • SWI’s Data Benchmarking reports utilize key parameters that are technology independent:
  • Connection Accessibility
  • Connection Retainability
  • Service Accessibility
  • Service/Session Retainability
  • Throughput
  • Latency/Ping Delay